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DATE: January 26, 2003, CONTACT: Carole Chanler, PHONE: 845-254-5600, ext 428

It was a true celebration of the Catskills at the 17th annual Snowball Dinner & Dance attended by 250 guests that took place at the Overlook Lodge on Belleayre Mountain the last Saturday in January. The star of the evening was the first lady of New York State, Libby Pataki. As recipient of the “Spirit of the Catskills”award, Mrs. Pataki remarked that this region with its beauty and vitality have always been high on the list of New York State’s major attractions. As a Belleayre skier herself, she described the great pleasure she and her family derive from skiing atthe mountain. Following the comments of the First Lady, Superintendent Tony Lanza explained that, thanks to the interest and financial input of Albany and tremendous increase in skier visits this year, Belleayre’s influence on the economy in local communities will be very positive.

As the season continues, from January 27-31 during Belleayre’s Winter Festival Week all lift tickets are $10 each day. On Rotary International Day, Sunday, February 2nd, members of the Club enjoy a special discount. Also, on Sunday all people in the military will be entitled to buy a ticket for $25. If you’re planning ahead, the next Women’s Seminar will take place on Friday, February 7. Four hours of lessons, a group seminar led by instructor/motivator Sue Spencer Moses, plus breakfast and lunch...all for a total of $100! You can still ski free on your birthday only at Belleayre. Check it out. For all event information, conditions, etc., call 1-800-942-6904 or go to our website:

information: 1-800-942-6904 or



Call Toll Free (800) 942-6904 ext. 1344 or Toll (845) 254-5600 ext. 1344 or send e-mail
The Belleayre Conservatory, PO Box 198, Highmount, NY 12441

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